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Dear Reader,
Being born in 1998, soon after which I was awarded the name ‘Jayant Kashyap‘, I count myself of a little age now, working on literary devices (and literature itself) out of my interest in this topic. For I count it to be a topic full of life; for I observe life sewn in literature, literature in lives.
When I, first, laid my hands on a book, nobody could have thought that I would do anything other than just reading one (or two), but things have merely been stable, I am into books now, writing one, reading other, translating yet another; in simple words, I can describe this as my craze for books, which now pulls me into being an author (an idea that hit me in the year 2014). And as soon as I was up with the interest, at its infancy, I came up with a page, called ‘Humane‘, on facebook – a page that welcomes quotes from everyone around the world (and, I’m quite glad to see it with over 315 likes).
Humane was something that sprinkled more and more life into my most-prized dream, I got to connect with people all around the world to request them to let humane post their pieces of writings (under their names), to make it a haven of the literature of common people – me, you …you’re welcome too. And, in the meanwhile, I got to get acquainted with Megan Dye, now a good friend of mine, who had been working with a blog under the name ‘MeggieLove‘, to put her stories there (to be read by almost everyone). Soon enough, I got to feel that no person, on facebook, would read a 3-page long story, and I planned of being up with my blog, which you’re into now.

  • This is how this blog began.

Now, let me tell you that “ever does it happen that a writer is a result of different readers within him”, and same is, for sure, the case with me.


It’s like, if I read Mary Shelley yesterday, the article written by me today will have both my accent and hers, and then, let me read Hemingway, and the piece of paper filled by me thereafter shall, necessarily, contain the accent of the three.
But, after all, what I write is my choice, be it not in their topics (or be it so even); thus, I wish to thank the gracious readers for being kind to me by reading my articles in even the least satisfactory way I have sustained them in.
A thousand obligations…

Jayant Kashyap

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