Albert Hall Museum, Ram Niwas Garden

The Albert Hall Museum (front view). A mesmerizing scene, above everything else. The classic architecture which you observe is never tiring to each an eye. Having had its first stone led in the beginning of A.D. 1876, it’s still one of the best museums in India.
The view of the Albert Hall, from a side. This very shot very well shows how beauty associates with nature, with life. You can always see thousands of pigeons — the messengers of nature — taking wings around, always very lively. Indeed!
A snapshot taken from the inside, of one of those most wonderful minarets set up in the front. The open segments of the Museum are well furnished by wire-mesh to keep the pigeons from moving inside; and that’s what you can observe in the image.
The pigeons I had the chance to mention about earlier. It seemed wonderful to be seeing them pecking at grains which are, most probably, sprinkled over by the tourists too (while the involvement of workers for the same is ever arranged) — it ever feels great to see animal-lovers too.
One last photograph we could grab the chance to snap. Another minaret. Just the same perfection. The same skill. Ever-adorable!


Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur — May07-2017 — Jayant Kashyap
The spectacle you know that you never have to miss, at least when once you are planning anything about Jaipur. The carvings, positionings, arrangements, and whatever you get to see are marvels in themselves. Something worth keeping an eye upon, and you are always honoured to have the view.
Hawa Mahal — Angular — May07-2017 — Jayant Kashyap
Every carving, every pinch, and the story behind, are ever so strong to catch your breath. The fact that the premises, on a whole, were designed for the Queens, for there Bhraman (light walks), and self-occupancy is wonderful in itself. Ever leaving you open-mouthed!
Interior of Hawa Mahal — Shantanu Mehta
A view from the interiors of the Mahal, you see how it was built with the same design everywhere. With the very same, delicate intricacies.     *photo: Shantanu Mehta
Hawa Mahal — Pillars — May07-2017 — Jayant Kashyap
Keeping you up with the same designs well built into the pillars of the Mahal. See the fineness?
Hawa Mahal — From the Inside — May07-2017 — Jayant Kashyap
When we entered the Mahal, we had some brilliance yet to see, and indeed! You can see the very change in colour here (from the inside), and the cha the designs. Aptly brilliant was what we had in our expressions. WOW!
And with this, let me take you to the other parts of the Mahal area, on a whole. A full set of markets, which it has, and the wholeness of beauty everywhere.

Forts, and City Palace

City Palace Campus, Jaipur — May07-2017 — Jayant Kashyap
With everything behind, let’s move on, now, towards the campus of the City Palace, with Indian Tricolour showing over there. The moment of pride! Never to be extinguished.
Nahargarh Fort
Behind the City Palace walls, high up there, on the hill, you see the Nahargarh Fort. Got to know about that, the way up there is around 14kms, with 52 turns in the hill-road. Couldn’t afford visiting it there, though, in the very short trip planned. But, there’s a determination, to visit these beauties again.
Minaret — City Palace — May07-2017 — Jayant Kashyap
And the last one for today’s post is this, the main minaret of the City Palace, from a distance. A prizing view, isn’t it?


All these photos were taken while we were in Jaipur, visiting only a few places though! But then, it has kept the magnificence of the City. For we’ll ever be very thirsty to visit it again.

And, finally, every place I saw in the City looked Royal, or Princely. Even the hotels, and homes have that Royal Touch. And if you accept my suggestions, let the place being visited be a requisition, and you will be honoured yourself to see even the Railway Station of the same essence.