Our world of today runs into a variety of trends, often and again! We don’t like a simple match of colours, a decent pattern of paints; we love variegations rather. We prefer gaudy to decent.
It’s the trend, man!

We perfectly know what the trend today is, but we try not to make out that it is us who brought this trend to life. It should be just so obvious for us that “trend, we can change, it must not change us!”
But we belong to a world of weirdly useless apparitions at the times of logical thinking.

One of such trends being smoking!
Every specific individual among us knows that smoking is injurious, let out the kids who don’t even know what smoking is!
But then, the movie and health councils still put-up “smoking is injurious to health” notifications whenever such a scene appears while you’re watching a movie, or any regular show. Not because they don’t know that you know, rather to bring this knowledge into practice; and then, what’s that label on our TV-screen called?
An obstacle in view.

WOW! And when a person is asked the reason for his smoking initiative, the answer almost ‘always’ is that there had to be had a new experience and some activity in trend would only have done the best.

I don’t actually know if writing about it does bring even the slightest awareness!
But, allow me to bring to you two pieces of writing about and against this demon from Humane (Facebook page):

You all the time say why should we stop smoking, smoking is cool, smoking is awesome; but when really it only tells me that you’re mistaken. So I ask you to look at this photo close and hard and tell me what you see, and what is the real cost for the smoking cause; tell me what the price is on here, tell me what you’re sacrificing on here just for you to get that one puff on the poisonous carbon dioxidized tobacco into your lungs. You don’t know the sacrificial cause until you become it.”     Steven H. Garrett
“We are passive smokers. Yes, we all are! Smoking isn’t illegal, which is why ‘they’ smoke it out with every pride they can have in doing so. Walking is neither banned, which is why ‘we’ pass by ‘them’ with no such hesitation, thus filling our lungs with every bit of smoke they blow out. Their cigarettes have filters which let not the most of puffs enter them, but what about our noses, mouths or ears! We’ve got no such filters, thus have all the blows into us. Which is why we’re more prone to the after-effects than they are. Is it, at all, fair? ‘They’ smoke, ‘we’ fall. They err and we’re punished.”     Jayant Kashyap

The rest, I believe, Dear Readers, you know far better, and much more than I do.