Was working on the first few pages only, a few days ago. Did shape the first page, then got to fill in the details, assigned the warning and copyright labels, and a bit more. Was getting on with these pages, and was moving on smoothly (with only a little back-ache) when something hit hard. I wasn’t really ready for the thing – it was the task to prepare the Preface/Foreword page.

Now is when I’m working on the Foreword page. It is when I’ve done the poems – I’ve them all in order (which is quite random though; and every poem has its individual significance, than being more like a part of some story). It is when I’ve arranged everything else actually, for I remember Simran Keshwani, the author of “Becoming Assiya: The Story of the Children of War,” suggesting me some day that a foreword should be worked on at last when you have the very idea of the beginning and the very end of your book, rather than when you are merely planning an initial and a final for the book.

Being thankful to her, I would like to put down another part of some other poem from the anthology:

Let’s make a new world then,
And begin life but anew;
Ours is a world already different,
It’s not only named though.

It has all been going well till now (other than those momentary back-aches), and hoping to make it well till the last, and not much later, allow me to bid you a bye!


Jayant Kashyap