Working on the eBook format of my very first book — a collection of poems. Planning to have the eBook published before the few next months run out of hand this year.

In correspondence with the DIY (DoItYourself) eBook publisher VoiceVerso for the same.

But the very few days which have seen me work over the internet on a PC just told me that a DIY-tool is tiresome enough. But then, it’s fun too, as far as I  see, and know, that the work being done is mine and the doer is myself — the risks, and appreciations, being all on, and for me.

Allow me to put down a little part of one of the poems I’m about to include in the anthology:

“And let’s not fall weak to it, but be as brave as can be,
Like were the warriors – the Spartans of yore!
Theirs was a physical battle though – of cuts and deaths;
Ours be not thus, rather endearing silent success,
And shooting when it’s won, after all,
When distance is divided, and we stay not apart anymore.”

Hope I make it to the last!

Let’s pray that the work goes on well, and I’ll be up with the next version of this post real quick.


Jayant Kashyap