The day you win remarkably is yours indeed, but let not the day be cursed which shows to you the face of loss. Let’s believe that you can always learn, thus, win! Let not the demon of faithlessness sit upon a couch that has always been yours. Let’s believe that you met loss — face to face — so as to taste that wretch and, thus, do choke it out of its breath.

Let’s believe that it wasn’t ever existent, but in an imagination of yours — a silly piece of an imagination.

And, then, let’s not forget that failure, yet, is another step — rather an important one — for the summit of success to be chased, reached and, finally, relished. You won’t savour a win if you can’t face a loss. You cannot scale the summit, if you haven’t mapped the valleys.

10Afterall, even failure is but a choice.

Only the depth you can measure decides the height of the tower which is to be climbed. Never has been such a person who was born in riches, grew up in a plush environment, and went on to multiply those riches without an essence of pain. Never ever! This journey was always painstaking enough.

Thus, after all, what remains is the world, and in it, our lives; none of which is the size of a mere failure. Frustration is nothing; suicide ain’t a solution!

So, let’s face it! Let’s face failure with an open heart, so that we’ve enough courage to run for success, when it is a requisite.

And, let’s face everything, and rise above all! Let’s rise above failure, above pain; let’s rise above choices too, then, and above days. For each day is ours, and let that day too, which brings failure to us, be only ours.

 Jayant Kashyap; Jan 19th – March 05th [2017]

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