Now that I’m up and determined, I have decided not to put my eyes on those freaking romantic young-adult novels. I don’t get what makes their writers think they’re writing literature. For such is not literature.

What I feel like these writers (not fit to be called authors) do is nothing more than using a few slangs, which are almost all the times only vulgar. Then they have a boy, and a girl obviously, in their stories, and it’s quite sure for them to break-up; now that they’ve broken-up, they get into other relationships, and before the book plans to lose breath, they will meet AGAIN, at the least, to only disturb each-other, or move along together again (no matter what had happened earlier).

Now, the fact is “How do they still keep us bound to it then?
The reason for this is nothing but characterisation and plot. Sometimes, it’s the girl from a weaker background, on the other times, it’s the boy. Sometimes, religions create ruffles, on the other times, it’s the cities or states the families inhabit. And, something that spices up the stories up to a further extent is the piece of romance between almost everyone – the girl and the boy, then the girl with another boy and the boy with another girl, and back again…

Logically, it’s nothing more than meaningless romance, all the way impractical, and the characterisation and the plot are but only crutches to show you up to the affairs after every few chapters. Filthy romance. Filthy love. And, in the end, they write some statements which USUALLY present their meaning as “True love may turn away, but it never leaves you” or some other shits like this. See! they call it ‘true love‘.
If this, really, is TRUE LOVE (as they say), then what indeed is affair, and all?
Looks like, this is why they say “Everything is fair in love and war.”
Still, after all, if there’s some positive part in the novel, it’s a little bunch of really caring (who are always easily put in) – some good friends, an awesome sibling, etc… But not parents, really, it’s not until the book dies that the lead characters understand that the parents thought for their good (though not from their eyes).

So, afterall, it’s only a set of irrationally-written pages bound together in order to look like a book (if they call it thus).
Really, it’s only a mess. Nothing more. Nothing more.

> November 01+02, 2016

Dear Reader,
The statements put above are written under my observation, i.e., what ‘I’ felt on reading the books of this genre has been keenly prescribed hereby.
Thus, I mean to make it clear that just such may not be the case with everyone (who has tried such books), it only with me (and some similar minds).
So, I just want to let you know that these are my personal views, I don’t plan to change yours according to me. It’s just mine. Only mine (and of a few more). If you agree with my ideas, that’s good; If you don’t, why! that’s even good.
Thanking YOU for keeping along.
Jayant Kashyap


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