I wish I was allowed to miss you…

I guess it’s love, and has grown up to an incalculable extent; but I have nobody to share my heart, my words, my pains with. You must be remembering the fact that I hate rains, huh? Actually, I hated then, and now the case is innately different. It was then that the rain would only seize those times from me which would ever make moments. And, now those moments, very well, do seize time from me. Life has run the most different way after you were gone. I guess I had lost control of myself, I guess I was about to cease hold of the most fragile rope which had wound me to life for ages, but the rains helped; yes! the rains. I remember how every drop filled me with a new hope, and with a hundred pleasures anew. I am very much obliged to the rain for being this kind to me, for I still remember the drops facing the limits of my hatred, but when I was upto facing my demise, they came up as my saviour and, rather than introducing me to any pains, accepted me with the fullest of modesty.

And, I still think, “Why couldn’t you ever do this?” I still miss that part of our life, but after being in company of the most enchantable rains, I won’t betray them, for I can not bear the pain of losing another part of my life.

After all this now, I can only try to let the memories of our togetherness be washed like sand under the heaviest drops of the most charismatic rains, though I can barely assure this to you. For you still, in my loneliness, sit with me on the banks, sleep next to me on the most plush bed, and when I’m not alone, you follow my path too.

And, I still suffer the pains of not being able to embellish you with my own skin and soul, and whatever I possess; but I can’t bear things aanymore.

“Afterall, it was always so good having you on my side; but let my breath now sense its ether. Keeping you in touch had always felt like one of those brisk, but wonderful, walks through the heavenly corridors of the most celestial citadels.
Thank you for being one of those most eminent parts of the life of this cipher.”

Jayant KASHYAP [Aug-04-2016; 11:00]

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