I love you, I know, and know that you too are very well acquainted with the fact.
I know I love you so much, so much that it would only be more than enough if you’re just with it; and, not hiding the truth, I should add-up that human is social – yet they are only animals – and it’s so true that when we are away, our needs would, for sure, find a counterpart – at the least – for some amusement; but the heart decides in a way quite different.
Yes! my heart, as you know, has been up with its determined decision for quite a long time now, and it is indeed sure to be not changing any of its choices now.
It has fallen for you.
After knowing that you don’t, at all, possess the same thoughts, I just expected it to be changing its course, but it’s stern – and more than acceptable, actually.
Oh! it’s gracious too, really very gracious, and I am quite clear that yours, too, is gracious enough, but I’m quite clear about some other fact even – the fact that you don’t really express it.
The fact that you fear failure, too, is what I, actually, sense.
YOU, I guess, are scared of those distances, and those scary – and painful – moments which distances would induce in our lives thereafter.
But, let me tell you, dear, those moments have enough guts to make you tremble with fear, to scare you off from all those intimate expressions only because we sit away, only because we haven’t yet experienced ourselves as one but two separate beings who have been fed but on two different breasts of the mother Earth, who have played but on two different laps of her and have been caressed but by two different hands of the mother.

Why can’t we become just one, for at least once?
Why can’t we just breathe lives into one-another?
Why can’t we accept ourselves as the necessity of each other?
Why can’t we just come up together?
Afterall, whatever way we have been looked at, cared for and brought up, we are still two ‘different’ kids of the ‘same’ mother Earth.

» Jayant KASHYAP;
Aug-12-2016 [22:50] – Aug-15-2016 [09:20]

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