I’m sitting at my table or, at times, I’m sunken quite deep into any chair, but I’m actually not there. And then, there is myself running on some road and then on some other; and then I see two roads meet, and two bodies thereafter. But where are the souls? Perhaps nowhere!
Nope! I guess I just saw one, and another.

This is the world I enter, via an ebook which then does lay open in my
Brother’s phone sitting up on my

And, the book is “Becoming Assiya: The Story of the Children of War” by Simran Keshwani.


I begin reading it on February the 15th, and carry it slow. I allow the magic to step within, and lo! very well does it do so.

It enters the body first, opens more doors than expected, enters it yet more, raises more blinds than thought of, and lights more candles
than the matches could.
It’s no newcomer’s tale! A deserving read.
Cold as it is from outside, fiery from within.
A tale so unexpectedly daring…

Below I put the bests from the book, but these ain’t just this much:

1.) (in the author’s words)
“…one such story. To describe it in one simple word, I would credit
it as being my Aorta – the very artery in the body that branches out
and spreads blood to all the others, the starting point of it all, the
sustaining force of life itself…”
>> Foreword

“In the middle of the road between death and life lies a thin one-way
escape – you were stuck there, with the infinity of time and being at
>> page #018/103


3.) (and are we really this – a play thing?)
“Your can’t gauge life’s intense cuts, you can’t chart it’s course.
And yet, like water – it sustains you, and once you’re not its
favourite toy, you sink.”
>> page #029/103

“…the world’s favourite tragedy was once the centripetal force that
brought human culture and society together.”
>> page #030/103burning-rooms

“My fears are not greater than my being. I stay on, I fight.”
>> page #032/103

“…there is nothing worse than times that turn interesting.”
>> page #036/103red

7.) (a painful revelation)
“Once you show a child what misery means, their childhood is gone.”
>> page #037/103

8.) (for an ideology)
“They can bomb our houses, they can destroy our buildings, but they
can not walk on our hopes and our soul.”
>> page #041/103to-germany

9.) (to humans)
“I had begun loving the human race, not for its fallbacks, but for its
unending hope.”
>> page #044/103

“We can not kill hate with hate, We have to learn to love, and if not
love the Other, accept them.”
>> page #047/103lovers-qualms

11.) (a cherishable statement)
“You don’t get to choose your past. But your future you can choose to
fight for.”
>> page #049/103

“The roadmap between love & need is always scary and once you find
which end is yours to hold,
the choice to let one end go, even more tougher
Because, the two are always, always together.”
>> page #056/103book-unnamed

13.) (an example of art depicted)
“…and like buttons on a well sewn Shirt, the next one would follow suit.”
>> page #060/103of-life

14.) (yes! a full stanza)
“What I learnt was that there were no territories larger than fear, no gates heavier than apathy and the worst position to occupy between planks of firm ground, were to hang in mid air or sail through mid sea. For it is then that we are most vulnerable – when our present is a ghoul greater than our past.”
>> page #066/103

15.) (home sweet home – however harsh it be)
“The best part about home – the child could linger on and hide out anywhere in the world, but the smell of the sand at home lives on inside the child.”
>> page #070/103page-076

16.) (the most poetically striking line for me)
“But, life has its brilliant ways of metaphorical slaps.”
>> page #084/103

17.) (it ain’t just the last one)
“…it is not cowardice that fails us, it is not running away, for sometimes those things are mouthpieces of courage. It is when we give in to fear.”
>> page #101/103malaks-army

Since the time the words took me in, I have read a few hugely loved books (including “The Prophet”, “The Country Without a Post Office”, “Frankenstein”, and a lot more), and a good number of newcomers too.
But, to state the truth, “Becoming Assiya” is not the touch of a newcomer – it expresses a better form of the art.
It has that essence!
From a letter to every word, from an article to every preposition, there’s sense everywhere, and beautifully indeed.

A page from the book. Isn’t it really beautiful!

Let not a word, now, describe more words.
Let your eyes trace them, together and alone.
A must read!

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