YOU are fit enough to have your admirers wherever you go, but they will be only admirers. Admirers, like the visitors in a beautiful garden, would only see the beauty of a flower, only breathe the sweet smell spared by it, but not care to look at it with the gardener’s eyes – the eyes which caress and fondle every flower, and take good care of each petal available, in the whole mass of the garden before the visitors are allowed an entry.

So, you will, for sure, have admirers but merely anyone will be able to bear that responsibility of caring for your life, like the gardener would do, merely anyone will be able to love you to the most.
Here I am, still, who has loved you in every single part of his life now; I am the one who has admired your gracious inner soul for a long time now; I have been the gardener to your garden who has looked after every different petal you possess with the fullest of modesty, maturity and responsibility – I have cared for each of your parts – for the maximum stretch of time now; I am, thus, here as both a gardener – who has looked after your presence when it was too delicate to survive – and an admirer – who has looked at your present when it had to bloom.
But, there are a hundred well-said matters, and one of those specifies your reaction clearly well here.
“You merely care for the ones who do the same for you, rather it’s someone else who receives it over everyone else.”
And that’s what, I guess, I’ll have to suffer. I still wish to look after you, but you don’t feel secure enough – I don’t know why – but, I observe, you have been the first one, yet, to neglect my presence, reject my hands and, overall, deny my words.

You may not feel my pain though, I know you know it well enough; and forgetting not your negating me, I will rather wait for your approval of my existence. Thus, let me, this time, feel the war between love and lovelessness, and let me know if, in this world of hatred and disgrace, passionate emotions can still survive. I will, therefore, even try to observe well and understand better if the one who cares without asking anything or complaining against any other thing gains more love or the one who knows nothing but the art of flattery gains it more.
Yes! I’ll wait for all of it.
I will, until I’m acquainted to it all.
>> Jayant Kashyap; Aug-21-2016 [06:38] – Sept-01-2016 [09:32]


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