When family matters more than rivalry, it’s not that feeling of hatred which takes you to your summit, it’s rather your sensitivity – the softness within. It’s your ability, about how you handle things – and moments – all the way, that matters. It’s how much tender you can be for those fragile souls who, every now and then, do care for you; their feelings for you would be inexplicable – no falsehood, no treachery – yet those would be the feelings extant without any sort of pretence, and alive most piously in their frail, but truest, hearts.
At times, you may get to experience harshness in their voices, anger in their bosoms, but never take it to pessimism, for their harshness is real – but for your good – and their anger is true – but to make you mend your ways, manage your errands.
You must not forget that had they not been along for all this time, you would have lost your existence for sure. For they stood by you when you ran on all fours, held your hand when had to begin moving on just two limbs, hovered you up in the air when you wished to fly like the beings of their own will, pushed you to school – when you didn’t really wish to – but to make you learn and grow up according to the requirements of this modern world, and to this day, you can see them along; moreover, the best matter-of-fact is that they will be there forever and always, in your times of pains, happiness, need and all, and without even asking for the littlest things.
That’s what your family is, I don’t know what it means to you, but you must know what it should mean to you.
Thus, seek refuge! let yourself be an honest refugee who, on one hand, if feeds on the fruit of life with them – the people God meant you to be with – then, on the other hand, doesn’t let their expectations fail, nor lets their grace lose hope. Be the refugee who might have been sent to them, at random, in the flow of the charms of life and death but was made precisely for them and merely anybody else.
Be, therefore, honest to yourself for you must have stepped on the floors of life alone and will leave the mattress into folds again alone, but for life here, you have a few people who haven’t left you alone, ever, in the meanwhile.
You cannot repay their love, but you can thank the Almighty for the boons and be caring to the ones who have been the same to you all this while.


August 14th, 2016 [22:15] – September 22nd, 2016 [09:45]

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