Ah! Yes,
I know, and very firmly believe, that you must be looking forward to a
positively ‘resolutionistical’ new year; and I wish you high esteems
and optimism, Dear Reader.

But the case has really been awry in my part of the universe – which
must be called “my life”.
Yet, let me try to put it down here, and in a clearer way!
The time I have been trying to put in setting up resolutions for
myself – there are a hundred resolutions to stand up to – sees itself
all spoilt, unfortunately, with my indecisiveness about giving
priority to a certain goal and detaining some other aim for yet
another year, at the least.new-year-resolutions-2017
And because of sitting in a silent noise of a hundred thoughts at
once, I wander – here, then there – and, after all, there’s one
thought in the depth of which I seek shelter, and in a calm serenity.
Though, this part of the mind also ain’t so much enlightened and bears
merely any fruit, the flies of thoughts prefer hovering more in just
this part.
And, every time, a question hits – the  same each time – and, every
time, the tree bears a fruit – the same fruit is borne almost every
time – and I see it all just messed up – oh!

‘The question being thus’…
Another year enters; yet more resolutions set; WE make these every
year, what if OUR Nations were to sit up for the same?
‘And the fruit-bearing tree drops over half a dozen fruits’…

INDIA: Go cashless by ’17.
The UK: Pre-Brexit stability to be earnt back, now, after all (ASAP).
The USA: Looking forward to positives by the new President.
JAPAN: No bombings now! Peace with the US; getting wreaths for the
Pearl Harbour.
SYRIA: Resolutions ain’t meant to be ours… The Lord save all!
PAKISTAN: To see if Trump agrees to lend more tanks (flatter him
more); there’s fire to be opened yet!

After all,
The UN: World Peace doesn’t seem to be a matter being sought to soon,
let the Veto Powers chill with a beer!

3d-world-earth-globe-with-flags_653557There yet sit over a hundred nations declaring their resolutions, an
add-on would certainly be a welcome-thing.

Thanking You…
Wishing you a Happy New Year 2017,
Jayant Kashyap

PS: This blog-post has been prepared only for humour, please do not
trouble yourself on any specific matter regarding this.
Let’s have your part in this jest (via your suggestions)…

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