Indian children must not be taught matters from topics or subjectswhich do not get well with the recommended matters for ENGINEERINGand/or MEDICAL since their breaths ever set feet on this planet. Thereshould be no school which teaches, or even relates concerns, onanything other than Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.Moreover, there shouldn’t even, at all, be given any introduction ofSociology or Psychology or Philosophy to the students. THEY SHOULDKNOW THAT THERE’S NOTHING IN THE WORLD OTHER THAN PCB/PCM. All thewhile that these little curious minds keep themselves wide awake bybanging their heads into this subject, and then in the other, theyshould be told more and more about ENGINEERING and MEDICAL download-23thingsonly, and that they are given not the slightest hints about Law orArts or History – the little “pieces of craps” – should be taken careof well. The teachers should also not forget to get the studentsacquainted to the fact that “Politics should not be entered intobecause it’s merely a game of rogues and rascals” because only thoseever stepped into it who were brought up the worst way one could everhave been brought up, and not because merely any good mind, here, wasever expected to be getting their heads out of their FOUR-TOPIC COURSEBOOKS to get themselves to eradicate adulteration and thieveryfrom the nation which they say (though only say) is THEIRS.

Plus, to have these great intelligent children, SO CALLED STUDENTS, even more put from any other subject-matter (than those of ENGINEERING and MEDICAL), their to-be-chosen course should be chosen (by their parents) even before the wake of the thought reaches the mind of the child to be CONCEIVABLE, and their should be the most strict HOBSON’S CHOICE put abreast the child as soon as the one’s known to be resting in their mother’s nourishing womb.

Afterall, the GOVERNMENT should also look to it that the fairest laws must be made with regard to the MOST PIOUS terms called ENGINEERING and MEDICAL, and any child who thinks of standing against these HEAVENLY matters shall, without the littlest trials, be sentenced to death.

PS: I still love MY India.

Jayant Kashyap ; December 13, 2016 [22:00]

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