They know we are silent. Yes! we really are. But, does it mean that we know not responding to various stimuli? Our being silent doesn’t mean we cannot be outrageous, but we breathe morality more and more of sociality is what runs in our blood.
We possessed a well-maintained peace of mind which they, recently, did upset. And this disturbance is what we, now, suffer but let them not forget the fact that we aren’t used to just embracing peace to cover our weaknesses.i-day
Let not their good old minds consider us partridges in the wheat fields who would only try to flee, nor are we the little opossums who would dare to play dead when threatened to destruction.
Else, we know what would lead them to the verge of satisfaction. We know how we do need to express ourselves after we have warned them with the truth that we have taught ourselves quite well on how to fight back.
So, at the moment, the best thought we can possess is hope that they don’t perceive our cardinal warning as a pompous zest. For tigers don’t give useless howls, there’s only a necessary roar.63647106-091b-4381-9bcb-a3cd5af251fe
Positive is when they get to understand that the path they have chosen is extremely uncanny, thus, exposing sheer foolishness. For negative is the road they walk upright on, put with dense asphalt from within; the more they move, the more do they risk themselves in the darkness of the tar.2012-12-01_wknd_blog
Ultimately, suggestions are what we can make and expectations are what we can, very honestly, keep. Excellent is what we agree to advise and good is the least we can wish to receive. For when we are compelled to act, after we make them understand to stay put from the internecine activities they’re used to taking on to, our propulsions would not only be massive but also spine-chilling. Loss of origin would they face, extinction suffer.

Jayant KASHYAP; September 30th, 2016 [15:20 – 22:45]


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