Today is when I write articles, and those are nothing more than just articles; let me now wait for the better tomorrow and, then, those would be called nothing less but ‘holographs’.
Let me have patience until I step into that part of the better tomorrow when my ambitious dreams would have found a locale in the most sheer reality.


Let me bear strength enough to let me well through the infinitely challenging path of life – the path that would let me know a hundred things, see a hundred more, and in all this while, make me understand the whole array of helpful disturbances which I shall sight on the later-cherishable path. I know my path has everything laid on it in counts more than I can expect – be it challenges, be it sorrow, be it happiness or anything else – and so does my destiny – it does bear more fruits than I think I deserve. Thus, strengthen me enough to fight my way through all – the burning dry-roads, the stinking muddy-pools, the tattered woven- bridges, the iced up snowy-ridges, the seemingly haunted black-forests – and every other prized-obstacle which would lead me to another milestone everytime.


After all those struggles, let me bear enough grace to accept the happy aftermath with all of my cheers. Let me welcome the coming sunlight with the happiest cheers and let all my nights have the beauty of the full moon.


For it would, then, be a tomorrow better than each and every today.
And it would, then, happen that all my comforts would be the fruits of all those painstakingly excursive struggles.
Thus, let me have a heart to receive it all.

> Jayant KASHYAP
* September 16th, 2016 [22:45] – September 23rd, 2016 [10:40]

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