Now all the way, it has been a
common trend these
days that one plans – at least, once
– to become an atheist and hence,
free oneself indiscriminately from
religion, but telling that leaving
religion makes us more straight-
forward and good-to-all and even
takes us out of all those
unnecessary beliefs would be quite
false. Religion is not the practice of
superstitions, or false beliefs,
you’re rather religious in your daily
being – your regular schedule – and
whatever you practice – good or
bad – and it is religion. The
common religion that any group is
known to practice is only a common
name to all those activities
preferred. And, when one is seen
comparing religions, it’s mere
foolishness in oneself. Religions, as
we all know, have a few Gods, but
the same existence is said to be
only one – not because religion is
sheer manipulation, as some say, it
is rather to make us believe and let
ourselves know that however far
we go off from the name of our
religion, there will always be a form
of that spirit, named God, along –
and our religion is not, at all, what
defines our character, rather our
character is what defines our
religion; and the youths of today
maybe running off from the name
of a religion, they must keep in
mind the fact that a religion is
always unique to a being, wherever
one be, religion is inside – it may
change, but it can never be

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