Some six months and a few days
I felt love, I felt her take control of
me, I felt her getting a part in my
ether; and I guess I was happy –
more than any other being on our
I could feel her visit those gardens
of my life, give essence to all those
worthless flowers – the flowers
blooming with no reason.
And I did, certainly, let my existence
fall for hers. I fell for her beauty
and for the grace she possessed in
her being for everything around –
for everything that could be felt,
for everything that could be smelt,
thus gone through.
Though, it was then that she never
knew what place she held in my
fragile heart, my dear life, and my
only ether, there was still
something in her which would
express that she had those
expressions too but, it was like, she
couldn’t express those worthy
feelings, at all.
It’s now that she knows how much I
have her in my life, how much I
love her, but the facts around
seem to be the same, actually, a bit
more complex now. I see her eyes
work a different way, and her words
trying to run the other way, thus,
keeping that feeling put and away
from me. I know she loves me
enough, but it’s now that she
expresses even lesser.
She keeps her lips still enough now,
making no gracious words skip her
universe (to come into mine), and I
am still there, being crazy, loving
her all the way more every other
day, falling for her to another depth
every next moment.
Afterall, it’s now that I love her
more, and it’s now that I feel more
impatient waiting for her, every
other moment, to get me
acquainted to the inevitable truth
that she loves me more; and I,
now, guess that this continued
moment of patience will snatch my
life away from me, making me,
thus, loiter no further wondering
about the most wonderful
expressions in this big little world.
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