Call me not a culprit for I am a
victim to the deeds of time – as is
everyone. What I have done may
make you place eyes on me with
the measures of suspicion, but do
believe me, Master! I only did what
you would have done yourself,
indeed a bit earlier, had you faced
the same circumstances.
I was never a master of my fate,
nor I still am, rather it’s time that
drives me accordingly – and not
only me but everyone else is held
in the ropes of time quite the same
way. I know not but I sense this
from the gross expression you
hold on your face that not everyone
does respond the way I did.
Have I been stated fallible because
of the way I acted?
Tell me, Master!
Did I do anything to harm your
being, or those of the others?
Tell me if I really reacted coarsely
enough to hurt anyone’s beliefs,
thoughts or possessions.
Nope, as far as I am acquainted to
the matter, I never did let my
actions run that way. Still, if I was
indecent, do let me know and let
me know how was I so, and I shall
apologise and, thus, keep myself
on the best track to mend my
errands and pull them no further.
But, yes! let me know how I was
Yes! I will apologise if my fallacy is
evident enough, but if it’s not so,
let me know why I have been held
liable, to such an extent, for
Master! only your answers can do
justice to me now. I request you to
let them be just enough.
And I request you to let the justice
itself be just enough to let my ‘self’
run freely out of pain and to let my
‘soul’ revive its treasure called life,
called breath.

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Aug-29-2016 [08:52]

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