It was yesterday, in the evening,
that, for the first time I felt her
bare skin – as soft and smooth as
one can be. Not that way! Rather,
some other way round. I had her
promise me a few matters. And,
what she did was enough to make
me feel wonderful and valued. Yes!
I remember how she just stood in
front of me, as calm as she could
be, and gave all ears to the most
worthless words. Yes! she spoke
too, but that was something she
preferred doing only accordingly –
when it was most required.
This attitude, afterall, is what has
taken me down. This is what has
led me into falling for her. This is,
ultimately, what makes me feel
myself worthless without her being
around. This is, probably, what has
got me crazy in her love.
I remember those days, happening
a few years ago, when I would like
to roam around just anywhere on
my dearest bicycle without caring
for what had been going around. I,
now, put those days in contrast to
the days of today and get that a
hundred things have changed.
Circumstances changed, priorities
turned different, feelings
developed, thoughts complicated,
much much more; and above all,
the little world (of mine) turned
upside down. Now is when I don’t
prefer solitude, rather there’s
somewhat of an expectation
developed inside; whenever I get to
hop out on the roads, I expect her
along, even if I know that it’s not
always possible. This is what her
love has done to me – mature
turned immature. Yet, I accept all
of this but not losing her, for she
has come up to be prior enough
and she is the one who, now, does
gain all my time. And, this is what
would lead me into nothing, for I
know that we can’t come up
together for ever, for we have two
different worlds, two different
peoples to serve; yet I don’t think I
will ever be fit enough to afford
losing her – nay! not at all.
This is what LOVE, now, has done to
me – separated me from the world
of the people who, ever, have
cared for me, and separated me
for the one who sparsely has any
wish to spend the whole lot of her
breaths with me.
Why is love this weird, yet wonderful?

> Jayant KASHYAP

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