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Welcome to Humane.

Here I am!

Jayant Kashyap, merely yet in my teens, a budding poet and voracious reader.
Where my reading (literary works) began late (as compared to my metropolitan-counterparts), I began writing poems “early in 2013 (or in the later parts of 2012, probably),” though I can only state it ambiguously.
Merely any of my poems are known to revolve around my homeland (though I may get to have one in mind soon), than they do with the conditions of body and soul.
My poems have been featured earlier on a few known websites, and here’s my blog (with links to those sites, as of now).
An admirer of stark literary expressions.
A lover of gothic architecture.
A young critic, reviewer, and activist.

You can find me on:

Facebook, and twitter (as of now, indeed!)

Please proceed, and read my articles, poems, and whatsoever, for your appreciation will always mean so much.

Jayant Kashyap


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