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Jayant Kashyap is the founding editor of Bold + Italic alongside Anil Sethumadavan, with poems published around the world in quite a few print anthologies and e-zines. His debut chapbook, titled ‘Survival’, is coming up from NY-based Clare Songbirds Publishing House.

An admirer of stark literary expressions.
A lover of gothic architecture.
A young critic, reviewer, and activist.

Find him on:

Facebooktwitter and Instagram (as of now, indeed!)


Rehman Faris, on Zainab

“ख़बर में क्यों तस्वीर फ़ख्त ज़ैनाब की है,
कचरे में जो लाश मिली, हम सब की है ।”
~ रहमान फ़ारिस

“Why is it only hers the face that made to the journals?
The decay that was found dumped, is us.”
~ Rehman Faris;
translator: Jayant Kashyap

PS: Thankful to Muneeba Gul, for sharing this.


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